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How One Heroic Woman Got Medicare To Change ID Card Numbers

Her name is Eileen(compromise is no last name) and she really didn’t want me to mention her but I insisted.  I told her what she had accomplished was nothing short of a miracle.  She didn’t want me to use her name because she will humbly tell anyone, she only did what had to be done…

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A Breast Cancer Survivor’s Story: The Journey Through The Healthcare System

Healthcare Whisperer welcomes Catherine Grace to the show.  She is a writer, editor, and breast cancer survivor.  She is here to discuss her journey throught the maze of cancer from diagnosis to treatment to remission.  Her story will give us insight to the impact on one’s life, emotions and relationships.  It is a story of strength, courage, love and compassion.  Catherine’s experience will make you laugh and cry but most of all it will fill you with awe at her determination to win the battle.