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Health Savings Accounts are a Bad Idea to Replace Medicare

I continue to vacillate between laughing and screaming when I listen to the GOP candidates talk about how they are going to fix or change Medicare.  Mostly, I find myself wanting to scream. I was reading Ben Carson’s policy on healthcare.  Create health savings accounts for those on Medicare and let them pick their own insurance.…

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A Conversation About End of Life Care: The How, Why, Who and When

Howard Block and I will be discussing how to talk about end of life care with a loved one, patient or friend.  It can be difficult to know how to approach the topic and exactly what to say.  We will discuss why it shouldn’t be a conversation with  only your doctor but also your family.  Why is it important?  It is a topic no one wants to have but it can be so helpful knowing what a loved onewants when death is near. We both have had the experience of working with people who knew what they wanted and others who didn’t.  We have learned the importance of this conversation and how it helps families.  We are talking about people saying exactly how much care they want whether full code or not.  We hope to remove some of the fear and uncertainty that people experience.  It is our goal for listeners to know it is their choice.