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Do Public Health Regulations Lack Ethical Scrutiny?

Recently, I had a disagreement with the public health medical director in Santa Fe about the application of a public health policy related to gastroenteritis in an assisted living facility.  The interaction occurred because my mother’s facility had placed the residents on isolation for meals and group activities.  This meant that the main social event for…

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A Expert’s View on Honoring One’s Wishes at the End of Life

Today’s guest is Howard Block, elder care patient advocate expert.  He is my go to person for any difficult situations with my elder clients.  He has been practicing in this field for over 20 years and his expertise is inspiring.  One of the issues we have been discussing recently is a person’s wishes at the end of life and how to get facilities and family members to respect those wishes.  Howard has many stories, some heartbreaking, about patients and  families journeys to get medical professionals and administrators to respect those wishes.  We will discuss DNRs and how those wishes can be protected and respected.  Howard tells it like it is with humor and honesty.  This is a not to miss episode.