patient care coordinator

How well are you coping with a chronic illness?

Do you need someone to help manage your many needs - your medications, lab tests, referrals, treatment options and transportation?

If you live in the greater Boston area, I can as a patient care coordinator and as a family nurse practitioner with many years of experience, accompany you to appointments and speak with your medical and healthcare team. I can also speak remotely with healthcare providers nationwide.

If you are unclear about a diagnosis, a surgery, a new medication, or are experiencing a health crisis of any sort, I can support you. To learn more about how a patient care coordinator connects the dots. Click here.

"Hari went with me to the hospital to meet with my new oncologist. She doesn't need to ask many questions, because she knows the "right" questions to ask. Thanks Hari, I’d hate to take this journey alone."
-Leticia D., MA