physician & hospital finder

Physician & Hospital Finder

Are your doctors ignoring you or not listening to your concerns?

Is it time for you to look at different options -- a new doctor, specialist or hospital?

Healthcare Whisperer will help you locate a new primary care physician (PCP) or specialist.

I will find the right someone who better suits your needs. Healthcare Whisperer will help you locate specialty treatment centers, should you require further medical care. It takes real work and precious time to find the treatments you need. For more information on finding a good specialist, click here.

Last month, my husbands primary care doctor said he should see a urologist for the possibility of testicular cancer. The specialist was booking 3 months out. You can imagine our anxiety. That same week, Healthcare Whisperer got us in to meet with a different urologist, for a very helpful second opinion. Hari also figured out how to bypass the system and got my husband an appointment with the first urologist in 1 month instead of 3.
-Natasha P., MA