A Day At Chemo

Here I am with a client and a friend at Beth Israel Oncology Chemotherapy center.  My  client has breast cancer and is receiving bimonthly chemo.  There is usually several of us here with her.  We say we are her entourage.  It makes a difference.  My client says to tell everyone that it is important to have positive people around you and it isn’t as bad as people say.  She added get Reiki if it is offered.

Right now she is holding her bags of chem (bags are in bags).  She is doing Reiki, generating energy into the medication, introducing the medication to her body.  The nurses don’t like it but they don’t say no.  The way she feels, anything to bring positive energy.  The good news is the tumor after three treatment has decreased in size.  The doctor feels very strongly the medicine is working.  Yeah!

My client started the intense chemo drug in the regimen.  As always, she says time for the pacman to start eating the cancer.  I agree.  Cancer be gone!

The nurse is telling my client how she became an oncology nurse because her aunt had cancer and was treated here.  She is very inspired by her clients.  My client wanted to know if she was sad sometime and she said yes but she enjoys all the interaction with people no matter where they are.  The day that I stop caring is the way day I leave this job.  Wow!  Thank you.

The Chemo doctor is an oncology Fellow. The first time he came in, he was very serious.  Well, it didn’t take long to get him to smile.  My client told him he had to tell her a joke at every chemo.  At first, he was taken back but now he always has a joke.  It is an experience to come to chemo with her.  Everybody is keeping the energy positive and distracting.

My client has a way of engaging everyone in the room.  She has learned how to be an empowered patient.  After a misdiagnosis, she doesn’t hesitate to question every test and get answer.  If someone can’t answer the question, she doesn’t want them on their team.  Information keeps the anxiety level down.