A Love Story: Two Sisters and A Bone Marrow Transplant

Welcome back to the Healthcare Whisperer Show!  With our move from Boston to Seattle we have not been broadcasting.  But I am back!  I feel very lucky to be restarting my show with the amazing story of two sisters, Dr Sandra Haber and Sat Nirmal Kaur Khalsa.  Dr Haber is a Phd psychologist who after 9/11 selflessly dedicated her time to provide care for families, workers and all impacted by this horrific event.  In 2002, after working at the 9/11 sites, she was diagnosed with polycythemia, which in 2012 morphed into myelofibrosis.  Although, there is no exact research data that the elemental exposure at the 9/11 sites was the cause, and the medical community cannot definitively confirm the exposure as the cause, it is believed to be strong reason as to her illness.

After years of watching, waiting and continuous testing, her only option for this illness was a bone marrow transplant.  Her sister, Sat Nirmal Kaur was a perfect match and never hesitated to agree to the procedure.  

Tune it hear about both their journeys, what it is like to be a donor and a recipient.  But most of all, listen in hear this beautiful story of sibling love and support.  This is one show you don’t want to miss!

Dr Haber can be reached at www.drhaber.com or facebook.com/drsandrahaber