A Story of Medical History: My Mother lived in an Iron Lung

This show is the amazing story of Jade Grace, who grew up with a mother who lived in an iron lung. The iron lung was a tank respirator used to help people artificially breathe used often during the polio epedemic. It’s use was usually only for several weeks until the lungs regained strength. For some like Jade’s mother, it was for a lifetime. She lived 30 years on the iron lung. Jade’s story is about a child’s experience of interacting and loving a mother who was lived in an iron lung. Many on iron lungs were confined to institutions but Jade’s father had the resources to keep her at home with all the necessary care. She even summered on Catalina Island with the family. Jade’s story is a part of medical history that everyone should hear about. Her stories are capitvating and heartwarming. Be sure to tune.