Caregivers Stories:Finding The Right Care Team

 Finding the right healthcare team can be a challenge for patients and caregivers.  Ken Farbstein, patient safety advocate, founder of Patient Advocare and author of Getting Your Best Health care: Real-World Stories for Patient Empowerment, will be discussing the best ways to find a care team.  Through caregiver stories and experience, Ken will be providing ways to partner with doctors and nurses, staying safe during  a medical crisis and the general mindset for being an empowered patient.  Ken is passionate about patient safety and started , a blog for patient safety stories.  He has worked with hospitals in the Boston area to improve patient safety and decrease medication errors.  He has worked to educate local state representatives on patient safety issues resulting in the enactment of essential laws governing patient safety.  Be sure to listen in.  This show is guaranteed to be informative, uplifting and insightful!