Dancing With Death

This show is two healthcare professionals talking about their expreinces of death and dying both professionally and personally.  Mary Elizabeth Parker,  PT,PhD, NCS, PCS, medical liaison for U.R. Our Hope, has dedicated her life to those with undiagnosed and rare illness. In her work, she has been a witness to the death and dying of children and been a compassionate comfort to their loved ones.  Her courage and committment to these families is truely inspirational.  She will share her experiences and insights about these intimate moments of the dying journey with families.

With all our combined experience with death and dying, nothing prepared either of us for the loss of our mother.  We will also discuss  how our professional work with death and dying was little help at such a personal loss.  We will talk about how it changed us and enhanced our ability to understand how death and dying impacts those left behind.

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