Day 3:A Wish for Healthcare Change: Communication Of Wait Times

I would like medical practices and institutions to become accountable for long appoinment wait times.   I want real communication on any delays and don’t want to hear one more time, “The doctor is behind.”  I want to know, how long is the wait in real time not doctor time.  I am tired of scheduling two to three hours for a fifteen minute appointment.

I want a workable solution.  I would like hospital based and private practices, urgent cares, ERs and radiological departments to prioritize communication wait times.  I want administrators to utilize technology and create systems and apps, so the consumer does not have to arrive on time and wait with no communication.

I suggest taking a look at the airlines and investigate how they alert consumers to flight time changes or cancelations.   Ask patients on intake, how they want to be contacted by phone, text, voicemail or email.  How about screens in the waiting rooms listing times, like the Motor Vehicle Department?  If nothing else have an office staff be assigned daily, to let people know what is happening.

And finally, it is reasonable for consumers to start billing practices for long wait times.  I have  colleagues who have sent bills for long wait times and been compensated.  There is nothing like a financial impact to get a problem looked at.