Day 4: Dreaming of Secure On Line Personal Medical Records

I dream of a day when no matter where I access healthcare, my complete medical record will securely be available on line.  Any time I see a specialist or  need to go to a hospital, my chart will be readily available.  I won’t have to worry that my MRI, CT or lab work from another hospital or state will be unavailable or if I end up at the emergency room, the medical team won’t know my medical history and medications.

In my dream, I have full access to all my records.  Not just do I control who can access the notes, I have real time information and alerts on who is reading the chart.  As a patient advocate, I dream of having faster access to medical information in order to be able to better assist a client with decision making.

Is it a possibility?  I realize this is going to take massive coordination for doctors and facilities to find software systems that talk to each other.  It is a complex task but one that has to be a goal for the future.  How much money and time is lost when medical information is not available.  Tests are repeated and mistakes are made.  Patients suffer.

A girl can dream.