Dealing With PTSD After The Boston Marathon Bombings

The horrific bombings at the finish line of the Boston Marathon has had a profound impact on all of us whether we were there or watching on TV.  The images are forever part of our lives now.   Events  of this magnitude have the potential to cause Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD).  What is happening is, the brain is having great difficulty filtering and understanding the information.  It is trying to process the experience or visuals.  The result is can cause stress with symptoms ranging from anxiety, disrupted sleeping patterns, anger, sadness, fear and loss of appetite. It is often thought that PTSD occurs only to those who experience a severe trauma like war.  But this is not the case.   An event like the bombings can traumatize and cause PTSD to those who only see it on TV. Healthcare Whisperer welcomes back Michele Rosenthal,  an expert on PTSD to talk about PTSD. She has personally experienced and overcome PTSD.  She has dedicated her life to helping others to understand PTSD and find the appropriate care.  Her website offers a wealth of information on PTSD and resources.  Her book, Before the World Intruder: Conquering the Past and Creating the Future  is an award nominated book. Michele will be offering assistance and resources for those experiencing PTSD after the horrible Boston events.  Listen and call in with questions