Finding A diagnosis: Families Speak Out About the Journey

This week Mary Elizabeth Parker, PT,PhD,NCS, PCS returns to the program to continue our discussion on rare and undiagnosed illnesses.  She is the co-founder and medical liaison for the not for profit organization, U R Our Hope.  She has assisted many families In finding answers to their children’s undiagnosed illnesses. She works full time at the Texas State University- San Marcos as well as a small home health clinic practice. Joining her, are two families directly impacted by a rare disease and their stories.  This show will be speak to the journey of these families, the heartbreak, courage to find answers and the strength to keep going once a diagnosis is found.  It will provide insight to the difficulty families face in seeking answers when few people will listen to their concerns. I encourage everyone to set time aside to listen to this show and call in if you have questions.  I know you will be moved by the stories and the incredible love and devotion of these parents.