Finding And Hiring A Patient Advocate:The Ins and Outs

This show is going to focus on how to find and hire a patient advocate when you find yourself engulfed in the complex healthcare system.  Once the realization occurs the system is getting overwhelming and the stressful, how do you find someone to help you? Anne Llewellyn,RN-BC, MS, BHSA, CCM, CRRN, editor-in-chief of Dorland Health will be the quest.  Anne brings over 35 years of expertise as a registered nurse,  patient advocate and educator. She will share practical information that individual can use to understand the role and value hiring a patient advocate can bring to those who find themselves engulfed in today’s complex healthcare system.    This is going to be an informative and exciting show.  Listen in to learn the Ins and Outs of choosing a patient advocate that fits your needs.