Harvard Pilgrim On Facebook: Best Way To Keep Good PCP Relationship

Just to keep in the loop with insurance companies, I “like” their Facebook pages.  The other day, I was going through Facebook and there was a great posting from Harvard Pilgrim.  Whoever runs the site posted the following question.

“Keeping a good relationship with your primary care physician is key to managing your health. What do you think is the best way to keep a positive relationship with your doctor?”

I noticed that there were many comments and when I started reading I was laughing out loud.  Many responses were how much the person liked their doctor but the other responses were classic.  Here are some of the comments.

Pay your bill!!!

Stay healthy!

Find a Doctor who actually listens to his patients, and stay healthy.

Being able to get an appointment to see them for starters?

What about changing this to say primary care provider. Many if your insured choose nurse practitioners   ( after my own heart!)

in the three and a half minutes we have together, I can’t say for certain.

Make friends with the lady who makes the appointments.

Bring him a 12 year old scotch

Patient: being honest with your PCP. PCP: LISTENING to your patient.

One of the major themes  was being honest with the PCP.  I guess I was surprised by that.  For me, it is a reflection of not wanting to get negative information into a medical chart and then having the insurance deny payment or life insurance or long term care insurance.  This is especially the case with mental health disorders.

I have been with people who say to the doctor when asked how long a symptom has been there, will often minimize the time.  I will usually speak up.  A symptom for a day is different than a week.  Physicians need a good timeline.

It was clear, the people who had positive things to say had long term relationships with their PCP. On the other hand, people expressed frustration with the constant movement of doctors from practice to practice.

Thanks to Harvard Pilgrim for having the dialogue.  I hope it was informative for the team.