Hope and Healing: A Client’s Journey

This entry is about my joy in this season at witnessing the slow but steady healing of  my client Allan.

I have written about  Allan and his journey to get a diagnosis and treatment for three years.  I blogged our trek to Mayo Clinic and finally getting answers.  Allan’s treatment included high dose steroids for 3 month, immunosuppressive medication and aggressive physical therapy for one year. It has now been 4.5 months and we are starting to see positive change.

I spoke with his wife today and she said he is stronger.  He can stand better from his wheelchair and walk much farther with his walker.  His balance is better allowing him to experience his muscle strength.  He isn’t as tired except after chemotherapy.  His mind is as sharp as ever and his sense of humor is even better.

As the Mayo doctor told us, it was too late for him to get back to normal but we could hope for ability to walk with a walker.  I feel like it is unfolding in front of me and we still have eight months to go!  Who knows how much healing can happen. I feel I am watching a miracle unfold in front of me.

Many blessings to everyone in this wonderful season of joy and hope.