Hoping the Blunt Act Goes Away

I just called my Senators, Scott Brown and John Kerry, to vote against the Blount Act.  This law would allow employers and religious organizations to deny coverage, especially for contraceptives on moral grounds(this entry is ONLY about birth control bills) .  Senator Brown has already said he would vote for it but I called anyway.

I haven’t called a politicians office in a long time but this issue has bothered me.  I never thought my rights or any women’s future  to take birth control pills would be at risk.  I was one of the first women to be prescribed birth control when it came on the market.  It was life changing.  I finally had control over my body.  I didn’t have to worry about getting pregnant.  It was powerful.

Now, what amazes me is that right is threatened.  I am enraged that an insurance company or an employer can have that much control over any one’s life.  Dare I say, keep government out of my health care?  Wasn’t that what all the anti Affordable Care Act people were chanting?  And here they are, forcing their religious and political believes on women.

I am also bothered by the phrase, moral grounds.  Who decides what is moral and what isn’t?  How can our laws be based on undefined moral guidelines?  If this is the case, where does it stop?  If I think smoking is morally wrong for what ever reason, can I deny treatment for someone with lung cancer?

I wonder if it will become difficult for women to even ask for birth control pills.  Will providers not even prescribe it any more on moral grounds?  Where will it stop?  Will Women start to feel like pariahs for even asking?  I remember when I first asked for birth control, the OB/GYN doctor I was seeing refused to prescribe it because he thought it was “bad for women”.  I had to change my doctor and at that time, few were prescribing  or even knew about it.  My first time as an empowered patient!

I have many concerns about the potential ramifications of this law.  One  concern is, that as health care practices and facilities consolidate services, providers who normally had no issues with prescribing contraceptives will suddenly be faced with policies, that do not allow it because a CEO or Board of Directors deem it so.  In the present health care climate, it is not so easy to find another doctor.  Where will this leave women?

That is why I called my Senators.  It has to stop.