In Memory: Ken Schueler

It came as quite a surprise to learn of Ken’s passing.  His death occurred three weeks after he stopped chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer.  The news went straight to my heart and felt a great loss.

I knew Ken professionally. I had never met him in person but had spoken with him on the phone and emailed.  He was a pioneer in the advocacy movement and patient empowerment.  He was an expert in finding the right cancer treatment for people.  He knew  every clinical trial location any where in the world.  He was knowledgeable in the many different cancers and the treatments.  He could help someone find the right doctor and specialty center.  He was well respected by the medical community for expertise on treatments and chemotherapies.  In fact, he could hold his own in any discussion.

Besides all that, he was generous with his knowledgeable to other advocates and was always willing to offer guidance.  He believed in the empowered patient and providing the information to make the best decisions.

Thank you Ken.  You were an inspiration.