Let’s Talk Patient Safety: Pat Rullo Returns!

I am happy to announce that Pat Rullo is returning to the show to discuss patient safety issues.  Pat is the author of Speak Up and Stay Alive an amazing  book and manual on staying alive and being safe in the hospital.  Her book is the story of her journey while caring for her mother in the hospital.  She learned very quickly that even with the best doctors and nurses, patients could still be a risk for falls, infections and misdiagnosis.   Pat is now an expert in all things patient safety related.  She has dedicated her life to getting the information to everyone.  Beside her book, and many lectures, she is host of the Patient Safety Radio Show, a weekly show heard live in Phoenix and Cleveland areas.  Recorded episodes can be downloaded at www.patientsafetyradio.com Pat is relentless in pursuing areas of safety that many people aren’t aware of.  Today’s show will include not just her story but a look at the issues of increased exposure to radiation from CTs,Xrays and cell phones.  I know if Pat is concerned, so should I.  Listen in folks.  This is one show you will want to take notes!