Medical Assistance Terminated by RI for Disabled Client

The state of Rhode Island determined my wheelchair bound, chemotherapy receiving client with a  neurological disorder should be terminated from his Blue Chip medical assistant plan.  The computer generated form letter was dated September 17, 2010 and was received by the family on September 20, 2010.  All services are to end on September 30,2010.

Reason for termination is  too much money from social security disability and long term disability.  A  $100.00 over the state and federal guidelines.  There is never much wiggle room in state/federal guidelines and for that reason his wife has decided to get a private health plan through the same company.  She doesn’t want to appeal for fear of loosing everything.

Now the choice of food versus health care begins.  Unable to get food stamps in the past, they may be able with the cost of healthcare plan.  The monthly cost for healthcare, will be a quarter of their monthly income.  This will not include deductible coinsurance and copay.  Luckily he has support from family and church to assist.  Nobody is going to let this family fall by the wayside.  The struggle is all of ours

He has to have healthcare because his new treatment is chemotherapy and high dose steroid.  It is the first hope for a return to any quality life.  The process will take a year.  We are at month two.

Allan was misdiagnosed for two years until an out of the box thinking doctor, with a reputable institution and good clinical results diagnosed and treated him.  Still my client has to suffer and fear for his family’s well being.

How does the State of Rhode Island explain itself?  I get the government lives by its regulations but it doesn’t justify the manner by which this information was given.  After all, this is someone’s life.  Who at the state level is responsible?

As a patient advocate, I have one purpose: to correct this ship for my client.  I want everyone to know this is a family with incredible dignity and grace.  I want everyone to feel the outrage of people continuing to lose their healthcare.  Reform is not covering the loopholes now.  It is not healthy to be poor in this country.