Michele Rosenthal Returns: Overcoming The Trauma From Recent Events

It is always a pleasure and honor to have Michele Rosenthal on the show.  Her dedicated and committed work in PTSD as a post trauma coach and writer has touched and changed the lives of so many people.  Through her own experience and insight, she has been able to impact how we look and treat PTSD.  Her books Before The World Intruded: Conquering the past and Creating the Future, (selected as a finalist for the Books For A Better Life Award, Next Generation Indie Book Award, and the International Book Award); Your Life After Trauma: Powerful Practices for Reclaiming Your Identity (W. W. Norton) and Heal Your PTSD: Dynamic Strategies That Work (Conari Press) are a must read to understand the impact of trauma and strategies for healing. We will be discussing the shock, trauma and fears the country is experiencing from the recent shootings.  She will help us to understand the impact of these events and how we can heal.  Be sure to listen in!