NFL Gets It Right About Helmet Hits

Hoorah to the National Football League for fining players for helmet to helmet hits!  It is about time.  This ruling as created  much player outrage.

Tom Brady, Patriots quarterback, made a statement to the press  which appeared in the Boston Globe on the rough business of the game.  He was commenting on the fines levied against players for helmet to helmet hits which is now illegal.

Brady’s comments were:

It’s a dangerous game, it really is.  I think we all signed up for this game knowing that it is dangerous….

A player who was fined stated maybe he should retire rather than play with the new rules.

Another player wanted to know how do they change in “the heat of the game”.

Many of the players are not happy with the new rules because they believe hard hits are part of the game.  Essentially the sentiment is, MAN UP.  One player actually said the league should stop trying to feminize the game.

I suggest the league mandate the players attend a inservice given by the wives of older players who in the their late 40’s and 50’s have developed early onset dementia and/or Alzheimer’s disease.  It seems repeated hard hits to the head and multiple concussions and brain swelling are the cause.  The worst part is the NFL doesn’t provide any retirement health insurance or benefits.  These older players didn’t make the salaries that are made today and don’t have the same resources.  The wives are left with caregiving and finding the necessary resources to provide adequate care.

The league needs to do everything possible to protect the players from this syndrome.  I say levy huge fines and put the money in a fund for the older players with dementia.  In addition any player fined has to spend a day helping these  families.

Maybe then, an understanding of the  long term effect of the helmet hits will occur and future generations won’t suffer.