Nursing Home: Some added Information on Selection

I wanted to add something to your list for selection.  Make sure the facility different units for progression of illness.  This is especially necessary for Alzheimer’s patients.  As the illness progresses, it will be important to be in a secure unit.  This is often called the locked unit.

I also wanted to mention the difference between assisted living and nursing home is the level of care needed.  In Assisted living the family member usually is able to provide some care independently and has a fair to good grasp on reality.  Some assisted living facilities have special dementia units with upgraded care and increased cost.   If there is 24 hour private medical assistant care, a facility will generally allow the client to stay in the assisted living wing.

The level of medical care and responsibilities are different for a nursing home vs assisted living.  Nursing Homes are more involved in direct medical care.  The level of care in the assisted living is giving medications (an extra cost), calling 911 in case of emergency and notifying the doctor of record.  Nursing Homes have a staff physician who oversees all medical care.  You no longer use the primary care.  Specialists and hospitals are frequently designated by the institution.

Most assisted living facilities have a package of extra services available for a cost.  This can include giving medications, regular daily check ins by staff and nurse and access to hourly aide.  Assisted living allows a person to either have an apartment or own room and furniture.  At a nursing home rooms are shared and private objects like furniture are less likely to be accepted.

Ask lots of questions!  Make yourself a pest.  It is your family member.

My final post on nursing homes will be about once your loved one is placed.

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