O Magazine on Patient Advocacy: My Client

The August issue of O Magazine has a two page article on patient advocacy.  And I am happy to tell everyone that my client, Tracy Cloninger is featured.  She tells her amazing story  and how working with an advocate changed the course of her care. I am quoted a few paragraphs later.

Here is her story:

The day Tracy called me her voice was weak and she sounded scared.  She told me her cancerous thyroid had been removed .  She needed to have a radioactive test to verify no further cancer.  It was supposed to have happened two weeks ago and a month had gone by.  She couldn’t take any thyroid medication  for two weeks before the test and it was now a month.  She had no energy, two young children and a job.  Her doctor hadn’t called her and when she called either no one returned her calls or they said it was the insurance.  She had no energy to make any more calls or fight for herself.  Her father in law had given her my name.  I first called the insurance company (HIPAA cleared) and they said they had approved it three weeks ago.  I then called the doctor’s office.  I told them the insurance company had approved it and the hospital needed to be scheduled.  Forty five minutes late, Tracy called and told me the procedure was scheduled for three days later.  It meant she could get the test and start medication.  This was the first step to her journey back to health.  I have continued to work with Tracy because there have been continued missteps in her care.  She calls me any time the medical system doesn’t respond to her in a timely manner or doesn’t provide necessary information and guidance.  In the process she has become an empowered patient and offers help to others!

Also in the article is Trisha Torrey from  www.advoconnection.com and about.com, a well know expert on patient advocacy. Her latest book is “You Bet Your Life: The 10 Mistakes Every Patient Makes”.  Her journey to becoming an empowered patient is a must for everyone.

Dr Gail Gazelle, an MD in Boston area is also featured.  She works solely with Massachusetts clients especially hospice.  She is a wonderful and caring advocate.  Her website is MDcanhelp.com

Ken Schueler is an advocate from New York and specializes in cancer.  He is well respected for his expertise and ability to connect people to the most effective treatment protocol.  Check out his site hkshueler.com