Patient Advocate Roundtable

Once a month, I do a radio on the Internet at

I like to have guests each week, who can offer personal experience and tips on the best way to navigate the health care system.  I had a great show with woman who was going through breast cancer treatment.  Another show was the journey of a mother who had a son with sicle cell anemia and another son with autism and hemophilia.  She provided great resource information for services and financial assistance.

I am excited about the upcoming show on February 23 ,2012 at 6:30PM.  I am going to do an patient advocate round table.  My guests are Ida Schnipper and Ellen Moses owners of Health Champions.  The purpose of the round table is to discuss what it is like to be an advocate, the struggle to get the profession accepted mainstream and the ins and outs of getting the job done.

I know there are going to be lots of great stories.  In order to be successful in navigating the health care system, a sense of humor is the only way to survive.  This show is going to filled with many laughs as well as great tips to understanding the health care system.  Please send any questions to