Ten Days Of A Wish For Changes in The Healthcare System:Day 1

No Pre Existing Conditions.

No more being penalized for being human. This is what pre existing conditions means to me.  Humans get sick even when all preventive measures are taken.  How can we control our DNA? Why has an insurance company been given the power to decide what constitutes a pre existing condition?

Each insurance company has their own list of conditions.  Try to ask them  for the list.  You will be stonewalled.  Then request an explanation of why an illness has been given the status of a pre existing condition.  There will be no explanation.  I think the only answer is “because we can.”

When people call me and say they have been denied coverage because of seasonal allergies or pregnancy, I really don’t know how to respond.  All I can say is, there is no logic and don’t try to find it.  Pray the Affordable Care Act doesn’t get overturned in the courts.  In 2014, if the law stands, pre existing conditions will be a thing of the past.