The Blog is Back!

It is has been too many months since I last wrote. I was having problems with my site and had to transfer to another template. I am back and will begin writing on the many healthcare issues.

Today’s blog is going to be very simple. What has happened to Pizza? I asked this question because no longer in the Boston area can I find a thick crusted, dripping cheese, with tasty marinara sausce and some vegetables. Having been raised on New York Pizza especially Ray’s Pizza, and I am very frustrated. I had adjusted to compromising my tastes over the last 14 years but my last pizza was so awful, I decided I just wasn’t going to have pizza anymore. What happened? I ordered a pizza from my regular pizza parlor, a cheese pizza (I was going to add at home chili flakes and other such things). I opened the box, took the slice out, bit into into it and spit out. Why? The cheese was crispy, hardly any tomato sauce and the crust thinner than an old shoe’s sole. I was so devastated.

You might think it was a fluke. But I beg to differ with that thinking. I started looking around at other pizza parlors and ads and noticed pizza’s around here were so thin crusted it was like an open sandwich. So much for local pizza. I’ll wait till I visit New York again.It is a sad revelation that my pizza cravings will go unfulfilled.