The Undiagnosed Child: Two Mothers Speak On Their Journey For Answers

This show is about the courage of two families to find answers to their child’s undiagnosed illness.  It is the story of learning to be the voice and advocate for your child.  It is the story of never giving up or taking no for an answer.  This is the story about wanting the absolute best for their child.  This is the story of grace, love and strength. 

Daniella Ferreira is the mother of Naylah and Jennifer Clatterbuck is the mother of Emma.  Both girls were born with a genetic disorders that went undiagnosed for an extended length of time.  Both Jennifer and Daniella will tell us about what life has been like trying to find a diagnosis, getting the medical profession to listen and finally hearing the words, “We know what it is.”  Mary Elizabeth Parker will also be joining to give her insights on the struggles these two families had and updates on the incredible work of her organization U R Our Hope.

Be sure to listen and have your questions and comments ready.