To All Caregivers: My Thanks to You.

I want to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all and especially to caregivers everywhere!  I continue to be amazed by the work, commitment and sacrifice of each caregiver I meet.  The work and worry is never ending.  Lives revolve around activities of daily living, medications, exercises, appointments and the ever looming emergency.  Sleep is often interrupted.

Being a caregiver can bring on so many emotions and sometimes guilt.  Often, a client’s caregiver whether spouse or friend will come to me in tears because the client has been grumpy or a new medication is making them unusually unpleasant.  It breaks my heart because I see the amazing work and stress caregivers can live with.  It is my opportunity to tell them how much I appreciate and know the extent of their work.

I also add that it is time to get a break, even for part of a day.  Get a friend or relative to cover for you and do something you like.  Caregivers need breaks and time to relieve the stress and worry.  It would be great if insurance including medicare paid for assistance.  Most do not and in home help is generally out of pocket except for limited hours provided by insurance/medicare.  It is also getting much harder to be eligible for state assisted long term home aides.

For this Thanksgiving season, thank you caregivers!  I encourage family, friends and colleagues to ask if they can give a few hours of assistance so a caregiver can get a much needed break!