Audio Blog #7: My Journey With Mom through Assisted Living and Hospice

This is the continuation of the journey through assisted living and hospice.  My goal is that by listening, you will gain insight into the process.  This blog speaks to some key factors  caregivers needs to think about when selecting an assisted living and hospice, what to do when things don’t seem to be going your way and keeping your loved one safe.

Audio Blog #5: My Journey With Mom Through Assisted Livingand Hospice

This is a continuation of my experiences dealing with assisted living and hospice. It is my experience of dealing with with all the issues and the constant rebalancing. My hope is the information from my experience will be of help to others. This blog will be about hopsice and talking to my Mom about dying

Audio Blog#4 The Journey Continues. Life With Mom in Assisted Living/Hospice

My blog continues about what it is like to be the caregiver for a parent in assisted living, nursing home and hospice.  In this episode, I will speak about Hopsice and my Mother’s choices about her death.  I will talk about the prospect of her death and how the Hopsice services have helped.

Michele Rosenthal discusses her new book :Your Life After Trauma

I feel very lucky and excited to have Michele Rosenthal back on the show to talk about her new book, Your Life After Trauma:Powerful Practices to Reclaim Your Identity.  Her book is a continuation of her work helping people with PTSD.  This book offers practical, simple and hands-on examples to help with the effects of an identity crisis caused by PTSD.  It provides insight to the crisis and offers exercises, self assessment questionnaires tips and tools need to heal.

Michele Rosenthal is an award-winning PTSD blogger, award-nominated author, founder of, post-trauma coach, host of Changing Direction radio and author of Your Life After Trauma: Powerful Practices to Reclaim Your Identity (W. W. Norton).  Her website is and she hosts the show CHANGING DIRECTION.

Michele has wonderful stories and insight.  This show is not to be missed!






Audio Blog #3: My Journey With Mom Through Hospice and Assisted Living.

This is day three of my blog and the saga continues with the facility, hopsice and care manager.  What  a life being a caregiver!  I hope to offer some tips on the best way to get what is needed for a loved one in this situation.  Even though I have advocated for clients in similar situations, it doesn’t make it easy.  I think I am just faster at knowing what the problem is and the possible solution.

Audio Blog #2: The Journey Continues With My Assisted Living and My Mom

This is the second audio blog post about my journey with Mom, her dying and dealing with the Assisted Living/Nursing Home staff.  Today, I will talk about the Ombudsman program and how it can help solve problemsand deal with issues in the residents favor.

Audio Blog: Caring for Mom: Assisted Living, Hospice and Me

This blog is in addition to my radio show.  It is my journey with my Mother since she had he stoke one yeear ago.  It is about my experience dealing with the world of geriatric care, assisted living, nursing home, hospice and my mother’s personal care aides.  I hope it will provide insight and valuable information that can help someone else on this journey

A Story of Medical History: My Mother lived in an Iron Lung

This show is the amazing story of Jade Grace, who grew up with a mother who lived in an iron lung. The iron lung was a tank respirator used to help people artificially breathe used often during the polio epedemic. It’s use was usually only for several weeks until the lungs regained strength. For some like Jade’s mother, it was for a lifetime. She lived 30 years on the iron lung. Jade’s story is about a child’s experience of interacting and loving a mother who was lived in an iron lung. Many on iron lungs were confined to institutions but Jade’s father had the resources to keep her at home with all the necessary care. She even summered on Catalina Island with the family. Jade’s story is a part of medical history that everyone should hear about. Her stories are capitvating and heartwarming. Be sure to tune.