Update on last Drop Dead Blog

I did write a strong letter to the doctor and sent it overnight.  I received a call immediately.  The office manager told me it just didn’t happen that way.  Her main point to me was they tried to work it out but their policy was without a verifiable insurance a patient had to pay in cash for the first visit. She said the patient’s wife made the decision to leave. She flatly denies not allowing the phone to be used. As I mentioned, Allan and his wife  are tired, worn down by the system.  They don’t have that kind of cash.

I told Allan’s wife, this is what the office is saying.  She cried.  It isn’t what happened she told me.  I know her.  She doesn’t embellish facts.  It is too hard at this point.  She told me again that she was not allowed to use their phones.  Several hours later she called me back.  She told me the oncologist had called to ask what had happened.  When he heard the story, he said they should not have been treated like that.  He continued to say, you will not go back there and I will find you someone else.  Allan’s wife felt heard.

The office manager implied Allan’s wife made up the story.  The fact of the matter is, the office didn’t see Allan.  They sent him away.  That is the story.