When Doctors Don’t Listen

Listening to patients is an art medical professionals have lost.  I make this statement because, last night two of my clients received diagnosis of rare, progressive and possibly life threatening diseases.  Both of these clients had struggled with many medical professionals who wouldn’t believe their symptoms and investigate further.  In fact, both were told to get professional help and offered anti depressants.

Much of my work as an advocate is finding a medical professional who will listen to the symptoms and work with the patient to find an answer.   My clients need someone who will stand by them and coordinate the care.  Sometimes my only job is to continually provide support and hope, to not give up.

I want to scream at professionals when a client’s symptoms are dismissed as trivial, stress related or let’s wait and see.  I want to say, hey, come live their life for one day, experience the symptoms.  This world of evidence based medicine has anointed itself as the new god.  But the evidence of its misdiagnosis and mistreatment of patients reveal it to be a false god.

My advise to all patients is to believe your symptoms and insist that the doctor believe them to.