Why I DO What I DO

Today, as I was leaving my client’s nursing home, I felt my eyes fill with tears of joy.  It caught me off guard because it seemed like a simple visit.  I had arranged for a specialty wound care nurse to consult and offer direction for improving the status of my client’s health.  The family had been frustrated with the current lack of response and had hired me to provide solutions.

The specialty nurse was incredible; knowledgeable, caring and friendly.  My client is alert, communicative but feeling down about her situation.  In one hour’s time, myself, the specialty nurse and facility nurse worked together to solve some of the problems.  My client was beaming and felt heard.

I do this all the time but today the realization this work is so needed and fulfilling. This is why I do it.  I was able to assist in removing a barrier to someone’s suffering.  I don’t know why it hit me today but I feel very lucky to be providing guidance through the complex system when inertia has struck.  I was reminded how great teamwork can be in healthcare and how coordinating the event has changed someone’s life.  I called my husband and told him what had happened.  He said, “You got to blog this!”

These moments occur often in the healthcare setting.  There are many silent heros in our system.  Do we appreciate nurses enough? NO.  Moving forward in healthcare reform, it has to be about the team.  It has to be about the changing roles of primary care and how it will be the primary care team.

Enough.  Thank you to all my clients who give me the opportunity to advocate. I am very grateful.