Why Listening to Your Inner Health Voice Is Important

There is no doubt that Michele Rosenthal’s PTSD healing journey is inspiring.  She is the creator of the website www.healmyptsd.com., a site that receives over 8,700 visits a month.  Last friday, she was the guest on my radio show, The Empowered Patient.  She has overcome continued medical problems by taking control of her healthcare and becoming an empowered patient.

A major theme in our conversation was learning to listen to your inner voice.  It took Michele 24 years to realize she suffered from PTSD as a result of a major medical trauma at the age of 13.  During this time, she experienced often severe mental and physical health crisis.  She sought treatment and answers from medical and mental health specialists but the downward spiral continued.  No one said you may have post traumatic stress disorder.

But her inner voice drove her on  not give up.  Her search led her to a list of  PTSD symptoms.  She discovered she had most of the symptoms.   She explains after realizing this was the cause of her 24 year struggle, she went on a healing rampage.  Her first step was getting someone to diagnosis her.  From that point on, she was not going to be stopped.  Her goal of 100% healing was reached and now she is an amazing advocate and voice for those suffering with PTSD.

Michele’s website is a treasure and great resource for all PTSD information from her journey to how to identify the symptoms to healing modalities to valuable resource links.  She believes educating yourself is the key to a successful healing.  She has created a community for those with PTSD  and caregivers to gather information, and find support.

You can listen to the complete interview on my website www.healthcarewhisperer.com .  It can be found on the home or media page.