Why SXSW Is So Important To Me

SXSW (http://sxsw.com)  is the cream of the crop of all festivals and networking conferences.  Thousands attend.  My panel has a chance to be a part of this extraordinary conference.  There are several avenues to get in.  One is through voting and one through being asked.  We have submitted our panel and it is dynamic.

Why you may ask?  Here is my thinking.

What do you get when you put together Katie Mortiz, from the film Medical Refugees, The undiagnosed Journey, Vanessa Garcia and Mary Elizabeth Parker, cofounders UR Our Hope, helping the diagnosed, and Hari Khalsa nurse practitioner and patient advocate at the SXSW Interactive?  Four women passionate about healthcare advocacy and finding solutions to impossible healthcare situations.

Vanessa, and Mary Elizabeth have dedicated their lives to helping families find a diagnosis when multiple medical teams have given up.  They have given families hope and support when the healthcare system has failed.

Katie, who found herself in the world of the undiagnosed after a post endoscopy reaction, took her suffering and decided make a documentary about the life of the undiagnosed.  The documentary is heart wrenching and illuminates the world of the undiagnosed.

As a patient advocate, I have witnessed the stress, suffering and confusion that the healthcare system creates for most people.  That is why I created Healthcare Whisperer, to be a guide and navigator making the journey through the system easier and less stressful.

Our work to change the healthcare system benefits everyone.

Our panel is about the undiagnosed journey and patient advocacy.  Between the four of us, we have many stories and riveting experiences.  It will be insightful, educational and moving.

It is hard to get an invitation for a panel spot.  There is so much competition to be a part of the SXSW Interactive, Film, Education and Music festival.  My team wants to be a part this year.  We need votes!  There aren’t many health related panels and I think we have the stories, insight and a beautiful documentary to preview.  

If you are so moved, please go to these links and vote!